We’re back – 19 April 2016 – Gladstone Theatre, Port Sunlight

We recently performed Now and Then by David Campton at the Lantern Theatre’s Homegrown Festival in January, to much acclaim from the audience.

We’ve been selected to perform Now and Then at the Leverhulme Drama Festival on Tuesday 19 April 2016, at the Gladstone Theatre in Port Sunlight. This is the preliminary round of the All-England Theatre Festival,  which is the only nation-wide contest for one-act plays in performance.

You can buy tickets on the door on the 16th, at the Gladstone:
Greendale Road, Port Sunlight, CH62 4XB

We’re really excited and this is a major achievement for, not just the cast, but also Alsop as a company. After over 4 years of inactivity, we’re back and really strong.

Patricia Birkett – Bella
Lynda McGrath – Customer
Petra McCauley – Wise Woman
Pauline James – Midge
Les James – Guide
Jazz Jago – Servant

Make up – Sarah Davies
costumes -Pauline James

Synopsis: For a brief while in an old house, time merges across four centuries. The wise woman from Tudor times – is expecting a customer who wishes to make use of her apparently extra sensory powers, powers activated by a downtrodden servant. By chance two women – from the present day- are on a sightseeing tour of the old house. An antique buckle worn by one of the woman as a brooch provides an eerie link between the two widely separated periods.

Homegrown is Lantern’s Festival of locally produced theatre. The festival ran from Sunday 17th to Thursday 21st of January 2016.


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