Witness for the Prosecution.

The Hope Street Theatre – Friday 8th & 9th November

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Last November we had a really successful run of Agatha Christie’s Witness for the Prosecution at the Hope Street Theatre, Liverpool, directed by Sarah Jayne Van Parys.

Tess Dunbavin as Myers, Prosecution QC
Mike James playing Wilfrid Robarts, Defence QC
Clair Wright as Romaine
Sophie Weymouth as The Other Woman
Lee Burnitt as Leonard Vole
Les James as Justice Wainwright
Helen Massey as Court usher
Andy Wright as Mayhew, Solicitor

Agatha Christie’s compelling stage play follows protagonist Leonard Vole, who has been accused of killing a widow to inherit her fortune. A lot is at stake in this thrilling court case and only time will tell whether Leonard can convince the jury and you, the audience, that he is an innocent man. Following a shocking witness testimony, it seems Leonard won’t be running away from the hangman’s noose so easily…

Review by Mark Davoren for North West End:

There are strong performances from Tess Dunbavin, Mike James, and Clair Wright, with a special mention to Helen Massey in a supporting role. Clair Wright provided a clever portrayal of Romaine, performed with great skill to cement the inevitable twist in the tale that Christie plays are famous for. Burnitt rose to the demanding challenge presented by Vole, a character with very little time off stage, with an excellent performance that was timed to perfection to bring that twist crashing through at the end.

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